Obligatory First Post

For far too long I’ve been watching films – an armchair savant if there ever was one – and this is my brief and, frankly, personal attempt to liberate my viewership experiences onto an unwitting and unknowing public forum. While these various reflections may explore themes or cinematic epochs, I do not intend to impose structure on it. Film is too open an art to inflict restriction. At the very, very least, I intend to share my modest perspective on the filmed discoveries I have made. Ideally, though, I hope these musings enable discovery and excitement – a tiny reflection of my enthusiasm when I discover a remarkable fragment of cinema hidden at the bottom of the bargain bin or an imported DVD. While film school taught me that Hitchcock was the Master, Kurosawa the Sensei, Bergman the Philosopher, Dreyer the Sage, Ford the Warrior, Cocteau the Poet, and Bunuel the Priest; so much more can be discovered with an open hand and a little curiosity.

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